• Message from director / Doctors

Message from director / Doctors

director Keizo Fukumoto, M.D., Ph.D. Director
The Saitama Hand Surgery Institute is a specialized institute for hand surgery, established by the honorary director, Tadao Kojima in 1997.
Our founding motto is " Feet rooted in the community, eyes focused on the world, and hands reaching for patients ". The hands are an elaborated body part consisting of various tissue, including skin, nerves, vessels, tendons, bones, and joints. Appropriate treatment of the hand requires specialist knowledge and techniques of orthopedics, plastic surgery and peripheral neuro surgery along with anatomy.
While treatments of hand surgery are mostly conducted by an orthopedic surgeon in Japan, we offer collaborative treatments by a plastic surgeon and orthopedic surgeon. This is one of our features. Over 23,000 operations have been performed during the 19 years since the foundation, and approximately 40 doctors, some of whom were from abroad, received trainings from us to start out.
We continue to contribute to patients' happiness and the development of society through treatment of the hands.


He resolved to major in plastic surgery in order to be a hand surgeon when he was studying at the Jikei University School of Medicine, where he met Dr. Eiji Marumo, who was the first professor of the department of plastic and reconstructive surgery and performed operations for congenital hand deficiencies. After becoming a resident of plastic surgery in 1986, he trained himself as hand surgeon under the direction of Dr. Tadao Kojima, the second professor of the department of plastic and reconstructive surgery, who was honoured as "Pioneer of Hand Surgery" by International Federation of Societies for Surgery of the Hand in 2004. In 1988 he joined the plastic surgery faculty at the Jikei University Hospital. In 1990 he became a research fellow of Texas University Health Science Center at San Antonio and studied about the anatomy of the wrist joint. He became assistant professor of the department of plastic and reconstructive surgery in 1995.
He has devoted himself to hand surgery at Saitama Hand Surgery Institute since 2000 and he became the head of the Institute in 2012 to guide the clinical staffs and fellows. The fields in which he is most concerned are "congenital malformation of the upper extremity", "soft tissue reconstruction of the hand", "osteoarthritis of the hand", "peripheral nerve" and so on.


Japanese Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery,
Japanese Society for Surgery of the Hand


Delegate of Japanese Society for Surgery of the Hand,
Councilor of Japanese Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Councilor of the Japanese Teratology Society, etc.


Honorary Member of Hong Kong Society for Surgery of the Hand, International Member of American Society for Surgery of the Hand, Japanese Society of Micro Surgery, Japan Elbow Society, etc.


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Regular Staff
小平 聡 Dr. Satoshi Kodaira
I will strive to provide medical care aiming to meet the functional and cosmetic requirements of all patients.


MD/ Tokyo Medical and Dental University/ 2003


Japanese Board of Hand Surgery, Japanese Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.



Dept. of plastic surgery, Tokyo Medical and Dental University (2003-2006)

Resident of Hand Surgery:

Saitama Hand Surgery Institute (2006-2008)

Plastic Surgeon:

Tokyo Medical and Dental University (2008-2011)

Plastic Surgeon, Assistant lecturer:

Tokyo Medical and Dental University (2011-2012)

Staff, Hand Surgeon:

Saitama Hand Surgery Institute (2012-present)


Japanese Society of Reconstructive Microsurgery


Reconstruction (skin, tendon, nerve, bone, joint, finger), Microsurgery,
Contracture (traumatic, burn, congenital), Congenital anomaly (hand, foot).


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